Il n'est pas nécessaire que votre enfant séjourne dans le pays, Cosyning fait venir le pays à lui !

Notre objectif est de permettre à votre enfant d'apprendre une langue étrangère le plus naturellement du monde en accueillant chez vous un tuteur natif de la langue qu'il désire apprendre, ceci dans le cadre d'un séjour d'immersion d'une ou de deux semaines. Toutes les langues sont disponibles. Nos tuteurs sont soigneusement sélectionnés et disposent du savoir-faire pour un jeune public. Ils enseignent leur langue natale avec passion.

Grâce à cette formule, votre enfant fera des progrès incroyables en très peu de temps. Il aura notamment développé ses capacités linguistiques, étendu son vocabulaire et pris une grande confiance à l'oral.

Vous constaterez un résultat spectaculaire après seulement une semaine!

Nos prix également donnent le sourire :
260 euros la première semaine
et 130 euros la semaine complémentaire !

J'inscris mon enfant !
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Our linguistic stays in immersion

  • Children

    Children are very permeable to learning foreign languages. You should take advantage. Our trips aim to develop their language skills early on to make them future speakers of languages! Our stays are accessible to children from the age of 7 years!

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    Middle and high school students prepare their professional future. Our goals are to master the fundamentals of a foreign language and oral fluency, key to the baccalaureate and future successful graduate studies!

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    Access to the best jobs also means mastering languages. Our trips aim to prepare for multicultural and globalized environments. It's the boost that makes the difference to recruiters for your internships and your future job!

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    Whether for pleasure or for professional reasons, our stays aim for fluency in the language that will allow you to be comfortable in all situations. Cosyning gives you wings!

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'My daughter Bénédicte faced difficulties in learning Spanish. Methods of teaching in France do not emphasize oral expression. We welcomed Agata, a business school student from Madrid for a week. The progress was enormous and we anticipate a second stay. Cosyning is an excellent way to improve language skills.' Sophie

'I had to improve my skills in English for professional purpose -not by choice but by necessity. Daisy, Professor of History in Birmingham (GB) came to France for 6 weeks. I was really a great experience. She became part of the family. This has definitely enriched our lives mutually - a memorable experience. Thank you Cosyning!'. Paul (architect)

'I had a very enjoyable week and regained confidence in my spoken English. It is clear that the company, Cosyning, took my needs into account and that Laura, my teacher for the week, was perfectly chosen. It's a win-win concept that allows you to meet, to share your region and to speak only in English. It is stress free because there is no examination. Laura and I had a great willingness to share. I did not encounter any difficulties, everything was very well organised. Laura was delighted, and I was too! A very good initiative.' Hélène (owner of an accounting firm)

‘I am more and more in contact with foreign customers. I opted for the Conversation & Specific Business Course to improve my English. I had a very good week with my tutor who had a genuine desire to help me progress. This stay was very beneficial because I feel so much more comfortable. This formula with Cosyning answered my need. The organisation of the stay was flawless’. Jean Pierre (estate agent)

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