Give yourself a special language coach and see the exceptional progress after only one week!



osyning organises immersion language learning stays in the homes of professionals during their holidays or in parallel with their professional activity. We guarantee the results. All languages are offered, even the rarest ones.


Five garantees of value for money !



Immersion is the most effective way of learning a foreign language. The tutor is a personal coach who interacts throughout the day with the learner and all exchanges are conducted in the tutor's native language. This is a real immersion without the cost of a stay abroad and without having to leave your family.


Our stays are aimed at both developing oral fluency and at mastering a vocabulary used in informal or business-oriented conversations.


Our tutors are experienced: they have an understanding of the challenges that professionals face. They adapt to the level and understanding of the learner.


The operation of your company is not disturbed: stays are organized either during your holidays or part-time to allow you to ensure continuity of service.


Our formula

Conversation & General or Specific Business Course are designed for oral fluency in everyday situations and to be as comfortable at dinner as in informal conversations with a native speaker. Also, to be able to handle at ease the language of business thanks to the diversity of professional themes.



Oral fluency and spontaneity in both a professional context and in informal discussions (daily life, socialising, professional exchanges, meeting, telephone conversations, etc.).


Acquisition of the expressions of a native speaker.


Proficiency in business vocabulary or specific to a sector of activity or profession.



Any professional who needs to learn or improve in a foreign language quickly and efficiently.



Beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced.



A weeklong stay includes 5 days of full immersion and can be arranged at any time of the year. A minimum of 15 days is required between reception of the registration and the beginning of a stay.

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'I had to improve my skills in English for professional purpose -not by choice but by necessity. Daisy, Professor of History in Birmingham (GB) came to France for 6 weeks. I was really a great experience. She became part of the family. This has definitely enriched our lives mutually - a memorable experience. Thank you Cosyning!'.

Paul (architect)

'I had a very enjoyable week and regained confidence in my spoken English. It is clear that the company, Cosyning, took my needs into account and that Laura, my teacher for the week, was perfectly chosen. It's a win-win concept that allows you to meet someone interesting, to share your region and to speak only in English. It is stress free because there is no examination. Laura and I had a great willingness to communicate with each other. I did not encounter any difficulties, everything was very well organised. Laura was delighted, and so was I! A very good initiative.'

Hélène (owner of an accounting firm)

‘I am more and more in contact with foreign customers. I opted for the Conversation & Specific Business Course to improve my English. I had a very good week with my tutor who had a genuine desire to help me progress. This stay was very beneficial because I feel so much more comfortable with the English language. This formula with Cosyning answered my need. The organisation of the stay was flawless’.

Jean Pierre (estate agent)

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